Gold Coast Mansions

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Gold Coast Mansions

Gold Coast Mansions

The Great Gatsby Era Preserved

Long  Island’s Gold Coast Mansions

Long Island, New York was home to nearly 500 Gold Coast Mansions that were built during the Industrial Revolution of the 1920’s. These oppulent mansions belonged to word famous industrialists and bankers.

As Long Island became more populated and the stock market crash impacted many of the mansion owners, many mansions were demolished over time. The remaining Gold Coast Mansions are along Long Island’s north shore mostly in Nassau County. A few Gold Coast Mansions are on Suffolk County’s north shore and in east end of Long Island in The Hamptons.

The Gold Coast Mansions were immortalized in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book “The Great Gatsby”. It is said that while staying on the “West Neck” which is the Great Neck peninsula, that the writer looked over to the other side and witnessed lavish parties in a Gold Coast Mansion that inspired him on the “East Egg” which refers to the abutting Sandspoint peninsula.

To tour some of the remaining Gold Coast Mansions you may visit the mansions directly:

To find out more about the remaining as well as demolished Gold Coast Mansions and their history you can visit

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